Hi there! I am Nicole, known to my friends as Niki. Welcome to The Panic Spot.

I use the Panic Spot to spread awareness that even the most “put together” people have messy minds sometimes. I know I seem put together but I fall hard sometimes and I have a crazy side I often don’t show.

Why did I start The Panic Spot?

Many people applaud and fear how much the honesty in my posts will affect my life. Truth is, I want to be accepted for exactly who I am and nothing more or less. I didn’t know how to be honest about my issues without casting a huge light on myself. This blog made it easier to be really alive without compromising my dignity. I share my truth, about relationships, parenting, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, raising a child on the spectrum and a child with Tourette’s, and so much more. I speak from my heart, wholeheartedly. I am willing to accept whatever is meant for me and let go of what isn’t.

How do I feel about comments and criticism on my posts?

I used to hate them, now I invite them. I can’t make people like me and I can’t waste my energy on people who have unhealthy expectations of me. I am strong and I am enough, but not everyone will love me and that’s fine. Only I can change my opinion of myself.

What would you like to hear more about?

I am always open to writing about anything and everything from my experiences. If you are hoping to learn from me how I deal with common situations, I will be happy to write about whatever I can to provide my opinion.

Remember a blog is only an opinion. Do not think that my way will work for you, we are all different and that is okay!

Either way, I hope you will reach out if I can share a personal viewpoint 😁.

Xo Niki Maria


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