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My Name is Niki

I used to be that girl, you know the one who spent their youth being unsure where she fits into the world?  Yup, that was me. I had working experience as an office administrator,  sales professional, web & marketing specialist, and fundraiser, but I had a dream to eventually return to school to pursue my ultimate passion in Psychology.  You should have heard that inner conversation of all the anxiety and fear and self-doubt … it wasn’t pretty.  I did, however, pull myself out of that place and not only return to school, but I have already earned some academic honors.  

The reason for this blog is a place for people to get to know me, and a place for me to share my academics, studies I am conducting for school, and share my knowledge gained through years of research and web design. I am a non-judgmental person who understands that life can be challenging, but I do believe in people regardless of whether they believe in themselves.  I have a lot of faith in my Lord, a strong desire to succeed within whatever path I take, and a positive outlook on life.  Today I am that girl that rises and takes on the challenges in life whatever they may be.  I now make Lemonade with all my lemons and value the lemons I have. 🙂  Feel free to reach out anytime, I am a peer advocate for PTSD and ADHD and will be here to support mental health and well being.


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I spent most of my life working for my father’s construction company in Palm City, FL.  I am a mommy of two incredible boys who are 5 and 12.  I also claim another boy and girl who are not mine biologically but mean the world to me (they are 13 and 10).

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