how to heal from rejection

Day 3: How to Heal From Rejection

Today, I want to touch on a very deep topic, one that may take more than one post, about how to heal from rejection. Rejection is unequivocally the most violently painful feeling in the world. It makes us feel that we are unworthy.

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What To Do When You Feel Bad About Yourself

Sometimes things don’t work out as we had hoped they would. Sometimes we feel so certain things will go well, but there was a different agenda that took over. The question then becomes, “how did I miss this?”

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5 Ways to Start Loving Yourself

Think of one time in your life where you truly loved yourself for more than a few minutes or hours? Self Love is a crucial piece of our ability to give and receive love in all relationships outside of ourselves. Learn 5 Ways to Start Loving Yourself today.

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