You Can Escape Your Pain …

I arrived in Bali Indonesia this afternoon at 3:30 Bali time (3:30am in Florida). I admittedly had a few minor panic attacks on my way here thinking about the possibility of being away from my family and friends, alone in a foreign country.

I came here to heal. I came here for clarity, for a chance to learn new ways to care for myself that wouldn’t put me at risk for failure or deplete my energy with my normal responsibilities. I was so scared though…

here’s what happened though. I got off my flight and my anxiety stopped because I felt the relief of healing I knew I would begin to do here. Healing I desperately needed. When you get to Denpasar, the healing energy is so strong here, you can’t help but feel relieved.

I had an amazing few hours. I met some amazing people, including my transportation guy Jim who is super cool and has so much to teach about surfing. I met a guy named Felix from Venezuela as I ate at his restaurant for dinner. We chatted for an hour or so about life and all the awesome adventures he had been on. Then I met an awesome girl from Africa named Rana. We talked for a while about healing naturally and how life can be somewhat unfair.

The hotel I am staying at, called the Kano Villa in Canggu, Indonesia is beautiful and absolutely perfect for me. Nice spacious rooms, comfortable healing atmosphere and they left me a personalized welcome note!

Personalized notes at Kano Villa Canggu Bali

If you ever decide to travel to Canggu, Bali, I highly recommend the Kano Villa! Here’s the hotel and I’m sure you can tell from the pictures that this is a healing place!


Niki Maria

Niki Maria

I am a student and I am currently studying to become a Neuropsychological Researcher. I have a passion for helping people find the strength to deal with life and love and sharing the stuff I am learning in school. I also absolutely love music, and while I am no Mariah Carrey or Beyonce, I love to write and sing my own songs for fun. It is awesome stress relief.


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