PRESS RELEASE: Facebook Name Change Notice

Hi Everyone,

I started a Facebook a few years ago for my blog, and somehow the name ended up being my real name Nicole Mayer, rather than Niki Maria as I have branded throughout all my social media, this website, and my music streaming sites. In an effort to comply with Facebook’s response about my 2nd or 3rd appeal to have my page name changed to match my brand, I wanted to make a quick announcement that I will be changing my Facebook page from Nicole Mayer to Niki Maria.

Please be on the lookout for this change. I am getting geared up to share some new original songs that I wrote and composed for my first album. I am excited to share them on my social media, and I am hoping that Facebook will allow the name change to be handled as swiftly as possible.


Niki Maria

Niki Maria

Niki Maria

I am a student and I am currently studying to become a Neuropsychological Researcher. I have a passion for helping people find the strength to deal with life and love and sharing the stuff I am learning in school. I also absolutely love music, and while I am no Mariah Carrey or Beyonce, I love to write and sing my own songs for fun. It is awesome stress relief.


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