Day 11: Intentionally Embracing Change

embracing unfamiliar
Many people wince at the idea of embracing change, embracing the unfamiliar, but the one fact about life that no one can deny is that change is inevitable.

Many people wince at the idea of embracing change, embracing the unfamiliar, but the one fact about life that no one can deny is that change is inevitable.

Change is a messy part of life, but it necessary part as well. Lately change has been my worst enemy, so I completely understand how unenthusiastic you might feel to think about the fear of how to embrace change in your life and actually still function.

Let’s try to do it anyway; let’s learn about embracing change together. No one is less excited than me.

The Plan: Embracing Change

The first step in learning how to embrace change and embracing unfamiliar situations is figure out what you are afraid of.

Take out your journal or open a blank text file on your computer.

how to embrace change in your life journal
  • Write the date at the top
  • Write the quote I am sharing below
  • Write what you think needs to change in your life
  • Write how it is making you feel about yourself
  • Write a few things you are grateful for
  • Write what you love about yourself
  • Write down a small change you can commit to in order to help you to begin changing your life
  • Write down what your life will look like once you successfully begin embracing change
  • Draw the first thing that comes to mind (Note: Remember, you do not need to be an artist, just draw the first shape, letter, or abstract object you think of.)

Quote of the Day

The quote for today comes from the naturalist theorist, known for his work on the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin. One of the best books Charles Darwin wrote was, “The Origin of Species This is an affiliate link.”

embracing change

After writing the quote and all the pieces of the journal entry for today, write how you can use this quote in your quest to learn how to embrace change in your life.

An Extra Resource for Embracing the Unfamiliar

I am so excited to share a resource I personally LOVE! In 2016, an incredible online company emerged, creating videos that change lives, dig deeper, lean into our greatest fears, and teach us how to act with purpose. That company is Goalcast.

Let’s start with “Why Change is Good,” from Goalcast on our current topic of how to embrace change in your life.

Feeling stuck or unmotivated lately? This 2 minute Goalcast video will make you get off your butt and take action. We can all live the life we want, but it all starts with embracing change.

If that wasn’t enough, here is another video from Goalcast where AdaPia d’Errico shares her story about change called, “Know When To Step Out and Change Your Life.”

Inspiring Women of Goalcast: Trapped in a painting that was about to crack, AdaPia found the strength to step out of the frame she built around her life.

The last video of so many many many great videos that are encouraging and teach us about embracing change comes from an incredible, vulnerable story by Denzel Washington. This video includes a short speech given by Washington as a commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.

Denzel Washington’s Motivational And Inspiring Commencement Speech. Denzel shares his stories of failure, and how success is always just one failure away.

For more videos from Goalcast, subscribe to their YouTube Channel or follow them on Facebook.

My Story of Embracing Change

I will be the first to tell you, I SUCKED AT EMBRACING CHANGE! Embracing unfamiliar was not even an option for me, because I didn’t think I could ever change.

There was this time that I felt so much regret, sorrow, and sadness. I thought I had no chance of ever experiencing actual joy. I remember thinking, “my life is not worth living. I am not worth much, no one will ever truly take me seriously.”

I learned how to change after a very real moment when I almost succeeded in ending my life. Today, I think, “What the hell were you thinking?,” but back then, I was barely alive without actually being dead.

Learning how to embrace change in your life isn’t something that comes easily. It certainly didn’t for me. I spent a large portion of my life not embracing change at all, avoiding the concept all together. Being alive is sometimes so hard we can’t understand how we are meant to survive it all. Then there are times when it is worth it all. I couldn’t remind myself that it was worth it, I just fell into the void and couldn’t escape it.

No matter what in your life needs to change, it’s important to try to change it. If you struggle with relationships, change it. If you struggle with self-worth, change it. If you struggle with communication, change it. I am not saying it will be easy or not require every ounce of effort and energy you can muster up, but I can tell you it will make you feel ALIVE.

As you learn how to embrace change in your life, just remember you are not alone. As you collapse to your knees thinking you can’t take it anymore, just know I am with you. I am here to tell you that I have learned a better way that I know you can and will learn as well. Make one small change today that you can start to experience the change coming into your life. Eventually the small change will turn into the full transformation of embracing the unfamiliar and you will grow exponentially.

Quick Exercise to Learn How to Embrace Change In Your Life

Today’s exercise is called, “Dancing away the Negativity.” When life gets me down, I can easily slip back into my old habits and come unglued. It is so easy for me that sometimes I still do, but I remind myself that I deserve more and eventually I pick myself back up and I begin embracing change while I dance to a song that helps me feel the emotions I need to feel without shame. So let’s dance together.

The songs I dance to are songs that make me feel my pain, make me embrace my sorrow. Here are two awesome songs I will be dancing to with you:

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