Day 5: How to Believe in Yourself

Every single day until now, you have woken up. If you need a reminder on how to believe in yourself, just look at yourself, opening your eyes, and trying your best.

Every single day until now, you have woken up. If you need a reminder on how to believe in yourself, just look at yourself, opening your eyes, and trying your best.

Nowhere does it say that you have to get up and seize the day every day, sometimes the best way to learn how to believe in yourself is to deeply appreciate the little things. Not a single thing matters more than the moments you spend trying your best, however big or small those moments might be.

No one’s life is absolutely perfect, and it’s a fact that everyone has been through something painful. It’s up to you if you let the painful moments stay in the way of learning how to believe in yourself.

The Plan: How to Believe in Yourself

The first step in learning how to believe in yourself is to appreciate what you do; no matter how big or small it is.

  • Write the date at the top
  • Write the quote I am sharing below
  • Write one thing you know you have been able to do (For example: wake up in the morning, ride a bike, eat a healthy meal, go back to school, etc.)
  • Write down one goal you have had most of your life, but for whatever reason, you gave up on
  • Write down the reason you gave up on this goal
  • Write down 2 new simple or challenging goals that you wish to accomplish at some point in your life
  • Write 3 things you are grateful for right now
  • Write 3 things you love about yourself
  • Write yourself a loving statement: “I believe in my ability to [what ability do you believe in? ex: cook, love others, take care of others, take care of myself, etc.]. I know I have had [fill in the blank. Ex: challenges, trauma, heartache, etc.] but I learned how to, or will learn how to, [fill in the blank. Ex: play golf, bake brownies, sing a new song, etc.] in order to overcome it. I am strong for waking up every morning, and I am [fill in the blank. Ex: beautiful. happy with myself, loved, blessed, etc.]. Today, I will choose to believe in myself by [fill in the blank, ex: having confidence, being kind to others, taking a bath to relax, enjoying my children, etc.]. Then I will remind myself every day that I am [fill in the blank, ex: worthy, appreciated, valued, magnetic, etc.].”
  • Draw a picture of the first thing that comes to mind (Remember that art skills do not matter in this drawing, but the act of drawing out your internal image is very cleansing.)

Quote of The Day

Todays quote is from the famous author Charles Dickens.

how to believe in yourself

After writing the quote and all the pieces of the journal entry for today, write how you can use this quote to learn how to believe in yourself.

An Extra Resource for Believing in Yourself

Every morning, I have started watching a video on YouTube that breathes life into my life that day. Today, I searched out a video to keep me learning how to believe in myself. I stumbled across this incredible video by MotivationHub. Check this video out to get empowered by this incredible speech! I am blown away by the words Jeremy Anderson and Mat Wilson.

The video is provided by MindSet Hub App, an app for a dose of motivational speeches to get ready for any day.

An incredible motivational speech from Jeremy Anderson and Mat Wilson. This video will supercharge your day and give you the exact amount of energy to chase today’s dreams and be as strong as you are already capable of being.

My Story: Learning to Believe in Myself

I did a video about how I learned how to believe in myself and how I woke up one morning and realized that I chose to wake up. In choosing to wake up, I chose to believe in myself just a little bit. That little bit continues to grow every single day.

Quick Exercise To Learn How to Believe in Yourself

A great 10-minute meditation to help you regain your power and believe in yourself. This great meditation is provided by Positive Magazine Meditation.

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