The Darkness Inside Me

If you have seen the show Legacies, there is a scene at the end of the movie where Hope is trying to find Josie inside her mind. As she is there, the darkness comes and Josie falls apart and becomes weak. She literally feels like she can’t fight it because it’s much stronger than she feels she is.

Hope says, “if you write this story, then you can rewrite the story!” Josie ignores her advice, completely sure that she isn’t able to do that.

This is me right now.

The darkness is back. It hasn’t been back since I returned from my trip to Bali, but now it’s back and I feel weak and powerless.

It’ll keep coming back and i keep wondering when I will finally fail in the fight.

Niki Maria

Niki Maria

I am a mental health warrior. I practice and teach yoga and music meditations like Kirtan and Chakradance. I love to meet new people and I love to break stigmas about mental health disorders. I am currently studying to become a Neuropsychological Researcher.


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