Day 12: How to End the Victim Mentality

How many of you out there are struggling to grow while living with a victim mentality? How many of you are trying to learn how to end the victim mentality because it is putting you through misery?

embracing unfamiliar

Day 11: Intentionally Embracing Change

Many people wince at the idea of embracing change, embracing the unfamiliar, but the one fact about life that no one can deny is that change is inevitable.

How to become stronger emotionally

Day 10: How to Become Stronger Emotionally

Emotional strength is a vital part of overcoming all the obstacles life throws at us. Learning how to become stronger emotionally is as important as learning how to become stronger physically and mentally.

how to forgive yourself

Day 9: How to Forgive Yourself. Journey to Self-Forgiveness

Learning how to forgive yourself and practice self-forgiveness in every situation where you weren’t quite yourself, is the cornerstone of self-love.

Day 8: How to Become Unstuck

Whether your relationship is falling apart, or you are moving far away from home, or you are feeling depressed or sad or lonely or traumatized, you can learn how to become unstuck.

how to let go

Day 7: How To Let Go, Living in Acceptance

Acceptance is one of the most challenging things to attain because learning how to let go of pain is extremely difficult to do. As you may have noticed, I missed day 7 yesterday, because this lesson is still one I am working through and yesterday was a challenging day.

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