Day 6: Learning How to Trust Yourself

You know that little voice you hear in your mind, urging you to do something or not to do something? You know that discomfort you feel in your stomach or your arms or legs when you make a choice that may not fit? That’s you reminding yourself to be cautious, to take care. That’s your path for learning how to trust yourself.

Day 5: How to Believe in Yourself

Every single day until now, you have woken up. If you need a reminder on how to believe in yourself, just look at yourself, opening your eyes, and trying your best.

how to accept love and respect

Day 4: How to Accept Love and Respect

When I think of how to accept love and respect, I think of my parents. High school sweethearts, best friends, devoted partners, and smart business owners. They amassed an empire all on their own that took love, openness, risk, and sacrifice.

how to heal from rejection

Day 3: How to Heal From Rejection

Today, I want to touch on a very deep topic, one that may take more than one post, about how to heal from rejection. Rejection is unequivocally the most violently painful feeling in the world. It makes us feel that we are unworthy.

living in the now

Day 2: Living in the Now

Living in the now is so hard to do. The past feels familiar, the future is too uncertain, but the

Day 1: What To Do When You Feel Bad About Yourself

Sometimes things don’t work out as we had hoped they would. Sometimes we feel so certain things will go well, but there was a different agenda that took over. The question then becomes, “how did I miss this?”

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