10 Tips for Healthy Communication in a Relationship

There are a number of ways to repair communication that takes two people who love each other enough to try. If you want your relationship to work, communication needs to be the number one thing you work hard at together.

Visual Preference Paradigm

An article about Visual Preference Paradigm in infants that was started by my professor and I had to share. #visualpreferenceparadigm

Happy Friends joining hands

Social Connections Study

Loading… To see the charts from the results, visit  View Graphed Results

The Works of Buddha

I first came in contact with Buddha in a high school history class. Buddhism was intriguing to me from the

G2: how to heal

Your body is not small. The total surface area of the human lung could be spread to the height of

1 in 4 People are Now Experiencing Suicidal Thoughts & Ideations

How does Suicide Begin? How can Mental Patients help? My Personal Journey Through Suicidal Thoughts Where to Share Your Story?

I am a mom, Yogi, Mental Health Warrior, a student studying Psychology, a daughter, a granddaughter, and a hard-working single mom and business owner. This blog for me is an outlet for all my thoughts. A place to share it all from what I have learned, Yoga, parenting, friendships, relationships, mental health, and all the above. As a web designer, I will share some cool stuff about web design too and online marketing from time to time, but www.pink-pad.com is my technology company where I share subjects relating to technology and online business. I feel blessed that you are here and I really hope my writing brings you inspiration, joy, peace, and adds value to your life.

Niki Maria

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